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Aroma Essentials ‘Leave-on Hair Serum’.!

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what are you all up to??
I’m back with a review today..its going to be ‘Leave on Hair Serum’ from Aroma Essentials. Read more about this beautiful brand and a review of their another popular product here. 😊
Who does not hate dry, frizzy hair?? So do I…I hate FlyAway’s…I end up looking like a zombie! 😈
I had tried soooo many hair serums but was never satisfied with their results. So, I would like to introduce this gem of hair serums to all of you today who are in constant search of a good and worthy one….!😍

Aroma Essentials ‘Leave-on Hair Serum’


Product Description:

This hair serum is all natural. Freshly hand made using completely natural ingredients, no parabens, no preservatives, no chemicals and hence, no damage and no harm to hair in the long run.
It has the following ingredients:

1. Hibiscus Extract
2. Aloevera
3. Arnica Extract

Just look at the ingredients.😍

They are the best known natural ingredients included in home remedies for beautiful hair. Recently, they started adding flax seed oil to make it even more beneficial. I badly want to try it out πŸ’–
This serum is said to make hair less frizzy, manageable and glossy. So, let’s see how the packaging looks, how do you use it, its price, its benefits and everything about it.



It comes in a pretty simple, small sturdy plastic bottle. It has a flip open cap.


As you can see, the packaging is very sturdy and travel friendly. It doesn’t leak and all. It dispenses exactly the right amount and doesn’t over do it. Gives out a pea sized amount.


It has their brand label, date of manufacturing, their contact details, storage advice and price details. 😊

Consistency and Texture:

It is translucent, non-greasy and not runny. It just has that perfect texture and consistency which is ideal for a hair serum. Not a single problem while application and guys, it smells heavenlyyyy.!😍



Take a pea-sized amount of the product and massage it onto damp hair concentrating on the ends.


My Take on Aroma Essentials ‘Leave-On Hair Serum:

Just by the introduction, you would already have guessed how much I have fallen for this. Believe me guys, this is so far, the best hair serum i’d ever used. Even the most expensive serum that I used from kerastase can’t be compared to this. I’m so glad that I know Mrs.Madhurima. She has some magic in her hands. I never had such glossy yet oil-free and smooth tresses until I used this product. Dryness, frizz everything is at a bay now.
If just a hair serum made a lot of difference to my hair, I get butterflies when I think of using all her hair care products and my hair getting as beautiful as a Disney princess πŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ’–.
My husband loves this and he used up half the bottle πŸ˜† Every time I open it, I feel like tasting it!!! It smells that heavenly and sweet.
I usually take more than a pea sized product for my thick long hair. It doesn’t weigh down my hair, it is not at all oily. It just feels like water. My hair just drinks it up πŸ˜†
I use it on my daughters hair coz she inherited our frizz πŸ˜† I don’t have any regrets..its all natural anyway, and I keep sniffing her hair the whole dayyy😝. I love the way it makes her hair and mine so soft, smooth and frizz free. The most important thing is how reasonably their products are priced. 😍

My hair after using the serum


1. Cruelty-free
2. All natural ingredients
3. Freshly Hand-made
4. Amazing Fragrance
5. Non greasy
6. Feels light on hair
7. Doesn’t weight down your hair
8. Ingredients have many other     benefits for hair.
9. Very Economical
10. Chemical Free
11. Tames frizz really well.


None None None!!!

Rating: 5/5

Price: Rs.150

I definitely recommend everyone to try out their amazing products…and…they ship worldwide.!!! Why wait???

Buy Now:

Their Official FB Page: Aroma Essentials

Contact Madhurima Ramakrishna @ +91 77 60 988272


Hope this was useful to you..:) stay tuned for more… Bye lovelies xoxo 😘

Disclaimer:  I offer 100% honest reviews. All opinions on this blog are my own.


4 comments on “Aroma Essentials ‘Leave-on Hair Serum’.!

  1. Mary Ware

    GKhair Serum makes the best in my opinion. An instant hair frizz fighter. Protecting each hair strand and leaving a soft smooth finish. Delivers an outstanding results against heat and heat styling products such as the blow drying process. Due to the excess of heat, this process might burn or totally damage your hair, so here this very serum come to the rescue. I am using it for the past couple of years and I am quite happy with the results it had delivered. It’s super effective the least I can say. The best cure to a soft and smooth hair finish. Absolutely fantastic stuff. πŸ™‚ ❀


  2. Nidhal Sinha

    I have this serum with me right now. If it works, it’ll find a place in the upcoming Part 2 of my Hair Spa series πŸ™‚

    Going by its results on you, I’m certain it will work for me as well.


  3. Nidhal Sinha

    The hair care products from Aroma Essentials are on average, worth every rupee spent. My go to products are their Revitalise Mask and Tomato cleanser. Since I don’t condition my mane after washing them, I’d prefer not investing in this one however.


  4. Nidhal Sinha

    No wait, I have a different variant of this serum (customised for me). Got confused (Madhu tries something new every other day)

    The one I have is orange coloured. Bad with recalling names and even worse with trying out things on time.

    Pitfalls of not being precise – You end up making a fool of yourself!!


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