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Estée Lauder Lisa Perry Pure Colour Palette

Hello ladies 😗

Its been a really really long time since I made a post, my apologies..!! I’m going to review this luxurious palette today.!


I have been using this since last 4-5 months. I’m sure this is going to be a kind of mini review 😝  Let’s get started.


The palette looks pretty colourful.! It’s a comfortable, slim, flip open palette like any other palette 😋 The large mirror it comes with is a definite plus plus.!


Product Description:


This palette has 6 neutral eyeshadows and 1 blush. It comes with one sponge eye-shadow applicator and one blush brush.

These are the shades:


11 Sensuous Rose

Eye-shadow shades:
10 Ivory Slipper (Satin)
35 Hot Cinnamon (Shimmer)
60 Sugar Biscuit (Satin)
38 Chocolate Bliss (Matte)
47 Nude Fresco (Satin)
12 Wild Truffle (Matte)



My Take On The Product:


So ladies… What do you feel looking at the swatches??? I really like their staying power but not their pigmentation. May be, this is for pale beauties. I don’t recommend this palette for Indian Skin. The only bright shade in this is 38 Chocolate Bliss which I use to fill in brows and I quite like the way it stays day-long..!!! 🙂 I use it to define the crease too.
Blush is too pale for me.!!
The cinnamon bliss shimmer shade is the only shade I use from the palette for a subtle look. I don’t use the other 4 as they look too washed out on my skin tone.!!
I got this one as a gift so, don’t wanna complain too much😷 .
I love MUR palettes forever. Expect tBBBo see my next post on my huge Makeup Revolution Haul.😍
So, finally, indian beauties…. Don’t go for this palette.!!! This is such a boring palette that i m not even interested in ranting much about it..no pros no cons etc etc.😁😂
I have checked on Amazon and it costs $15.99.!!

So that’s it for this one guys.!!!! Stay tuned for my next post on MUR Haul.!!!! 😘😘

Bubyee loves xoxo


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